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Armenian Review: A Bibliography & Index (1948-2008)

Compiled and Edited by Ara Ghazarians | Published 2018
The Armenian Review, an internationally recognized, multidisciplinary English language academic journal, is the longest continually published English-language Armenian publication of its kind. Established in Boston in 1948, its mandate has been to "acquaint the English-speaking public with the history and cultural achievements of the Armenian people. It has promoted scholarly research covering all periods and aspects the Armenian history and culture, the Armenian Diaspora with a renewed focus on Soviet Armenia and post Soviet Armenia, and the history and culture of peoples neighboring Armenia.

The Armenian Review: A Bibliography & Index (1948-2008) is the most comprehensive index of the journal to date. Comprised of over three thousand entries in three main parts, the Bibliography covers fifty volumes and two hundred issues. The first and largest part, Articles, is comprised of twenty-four subject categories, including anthropology, sociology, ethnography, philosophy, the arts, Armenian church, language and linguistics, literature, history from antiquity to the present, diasporan communities and institutions, political parties, education, Soviet Union (its republics, ideology, nationalities policy, law, political and civil liberties). A second section, Book Reviews, provides a wealth of information on about five hundred titles related to Armenia, the Armenian experience and people, and relevant topics. Lastly, Illustrations provides a detailed index of all the images, sketches, maps, drawings, portraits and photographs that have accompanied the issues of the Armenian Review throughout the years. The Bibliography concludes with an alphabetically listed detailed index of names and subjects.

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