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Amaras Art Alliance announces the inaugural publication
by its new division, Amaras Press

The Book of Adam by Armenian author Hakob Karapents
(Adami girke in Armenian) is translated by Ara Ghazarians and is available for pre-publication order at discounted price of $25 including shipping and handling

Order online
or send your check payable to Amaras Art Alliance, 55 Fairview Ave, Watertown, MA 02472, USA

Considered by critiques as the crowning achievement of Hakob Karapents, this work is dedicated to the ninety-fifth birth anniversary of the writer.

Printed in limited edition The Book of Adam is scheduled to be released in late October 2021

An additional 10% discount will be given for the purchases of 3 or more copies in a single order
"The protagonist of Hakob Karapents’ autobiographical novel is like him an Armenian exile from Iran who has immigrated to America and yet remains in a sense a perennial migrant in search of a one world family and what it means to be an Armenian and an American. In the meantime his passionate journey across the continents is filled with his family and his friends who nourish his quest. It is a remarkable work and the translation from Armenian to English is first rate."

Pete Najarian, artist and writer of eight titles and more recently of Mutual In Love Divine.

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Saturday—09/11/21 at 2 PM

Celebrating Ancient Armenian New Year (4514) | NAVASARD Hosted by Amaras Art Alliance

AGBU Center, 247 Mt Auburn Street, Waterdown, MA

Fun filled family event- exhibit your talent, enter our people’s choice baking contest

Navasard is the ancient Armenian New Year, which was celebrated in antiquity for 30 days, from Aug. 11 to Sept. 9. It commemorated our Genesis story, where, according to legend, on Aug. 11, 2492 BC, Hayk Nahapet killed the Babylonian tyrant, Bel, thus establishing the Armenian nation.

In this event we will share breads, sweet breads and pastry made by our friends. We invite those who enjoy preparing these foods to sign up and enter the contest. Guests will vote for the best baked good. There would be one winner in each category. To register for the contest and for more info please call 617-733-7162.

Gift Ideas

Arpi’s Orors is a collection of 15 Armenian lullabies featuring singer Arpi Shahnubaryan. Amaras is responsible for the production and funding of the CD project. A few of these songs are Orors used throughout the centuries in the historic Armenian provinces. They have been lovingly arranged and sang by Arpi who says “My wish was to capture and present the essence of songs which our ancestors sang in their villages. I wanted to keep them simple with a soft melody so every young mother, in Armenia and Diaspora can learn and sing them to their children easily.
Winner of “Album of the Year 2019” award from
watch as Arpi sings Tsitiki Ororu
Photo by: René Photography

Pricing: CD and song booklet $20 plus $5 shipping and handling for US orders and $15 outside of US

Art and Poetry book
By: Varteni and her daughter Zepure Arman

Read more and order your copy here

Armenian Review:
A Bibliography & Index (1948-2008)
Compiled and Edited by Ara Ghazarians Published 2018

Read more and order your copy here

A Man and a Country and Other Short Stories
By: Hagop Karapents
(in Armenian) Mi Mard u mi erkir ew ayl patmutsk'ner
Watertown, Massachusetts: Blue Crane Books, 1994

Read more and order your copy here

Amaras is committed to working with professional artists and musicians to stage and present high quality cultural programs in New England and Armenia. Founded in 1990, Amaras also supports young aspiring performers to achieve their full creative potential. ...

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